The fingers are being pointed everywhere today in the aftermath of the bitterly disappointing defeat to Cluj and it’s hard to find perspective and take less of a scattergun approach to what went wrong.

Celtic fans have so many questions this morning about the board, Neil Lennon’s appointment, right down to Neil Lennon’s team selection. I just don’t know what to think about one grievance many players have about the treatment of one player in particular who didn’t even make the bench last night – Scott Sinclair.

The old saying goes, you become a better player when people haven’t seen you play in a while and there might be some of that at work here. If you’re old enough to remember Bobo Balde transforming into Beckenbauer when he wasn’t given a game by Gordon Strachan and Celtic during a pay dispute. When Celtic were shipping goals without the player, fans were screaming for the big man to be allowed back into the fold.

Last night, Scott Sinclair, one of our most experienced players wasn’t even allowed to take his place on the bench. That’s pretty perplexing if you think about it. Lewis Morgan, Mikey Johnston preferred and even Bayo making the bench when he’s not really kicked a ball for Celtic.

Whatever your thoughts on Scott Sinclair are, the fact he didn’t even make the matchday squad should be unsettling. He might be a frustrating player but he managed to find a way and his experience is invaluable.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Peter Lawwell wanted the midfielder off the books. He is a high earner and Neil Lennon doesn’t see him as a starter. However, with the deal falling through to take him back down south, Scott should have been straight back in the squad.

Was the manager or chief executive trying to send a message? It’s not the reason why Celtic lost last night but it’s a symptom of what’s going on right now. Neil Lennon can’t preach not playing Boli and Jullien because they haven’t bedded in properly then completely omit Sinclair ahead of Morgan or anyone else on the bench.

It will be interesting to see if the player makes it back into the squad after the dust has settled.

Here is some fan reaction to Sinclair’s omission.


  1. John Stein famous quote ‘Dead easy to win in Europe, just score one goal more’ Best team won last night, not the team that sold its best player (That should have been built around) for £25m. But the team that shipped four goals at Paradise without him. Cludge are laughing now.

  2. Its easy just get hold of three seasoned pro central defenders that know how to position themself as we have two wing backs left and right one holding midfielder and three attacking midfielders that we have and any one of the three CFs that we have.
    So we still need 1 LB and 1 RB and most of all we need 3 seasoned pro central defenders

  3. Lenny we have praised you so much of late because the bhoys have been excellent, But t get beaten by a lower league bottom tier pub team, Makes us so poor as a lowly school league team, Was expecting so much last night, You play McGregor as a left, Boli, Julien & Griffiths sitting on the bench, Sinclair at home watching the team playing like shite, Felt sorry for Forrest, Edouard & Christie, Lenny (WTF) Were you thinking about your team choice and formation if that’s what you called it, Totally embarrassing abysmal shocking a right kick in the teeth for everyone of the Celtic Family, “LENNY” You cost us a place in the holy grail, Please no excuses we all the Bhoys & Ghirls Have been well and truly shafted before, during and after that game, You must stand up and be counted and offer everyone and everything a huge “APOLOGY” But the feeling at the moment is still the same, Hope Lawwell & His Compatriots Enjoy Sharing Their Millions Of Pounds, Because we shall not enjoy our tea this evening, The hurt is so bad shall not be able to enjoy our food 《BO’N APETITE》


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