There was rumours overnight but today BBC Sports correspondent has confirmed a third Celtic fan was stabbed in Rome a day after two Celtic supporters were taking to hospital after an altercation with Lazio ultras.

Celtic were heavy on advice to supporters before the trip to Italy and for the most part it has been a huge success but the sinister element of the Lazio support appears to have reared it’s ugly head one last time before the bhoys head home.

We will try to land details of the young lad’s condition later today.

It’s a shame, our supporters have been in great spirits the whole trip and stuff like this happens. Hopefully, it isn’t too serious and the Celtic supporter can be treated quickly and head home.

Celtic won 2-1 on the night which left Celtic fans on cloud nine, there was no doubt celebrations in the city after the game and it’s perhaps when Lazio thugs have chosen to come out again.



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