News has just broken that another three SPFL players have tested positive for COVID-19. Hamilton has just said released a statement that three of their players are now isolating after positive tests.

Usually, our football headlines are dominated by injuries and transfers but Coronavirus has got its hand in every part of our day to day life since the start of this year. These
kind of mini outbreaks cause real concern for another lockdown and push returning back to some kind of normality even further down the line.

Clubs are keen to see supporters return to stadiums with some kind of staggered reintroduction. But if new cases keep rising it throws all kinds of doubts and concerns for fans.

The unthinkable is that sport could be closed down again. In every country, people and governments are trying to come up with new ways to live with this virus and live in hope that someday soon it will become a thing of the past.


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