I sighed last week as Leigh Griffiths and Celtic were mentioned in the same sentence. I sighed because all transfer window we have been hearing all the right things from the manager. We were being metaphorically wined and dined by the idea someone to wet our appetites was round the corner, in reality the pursuit of Griffiths proves Celtic were only ready to serve up a microwave meal.

Of course gone are the days when we spend big on players, that is just the market we live in but when the managers talks all month about having X amount in the kitty, it gets your hopes up that there might be something, just something to give us a lift.

The transfer window closes on Friday night, in that time can Celtic get in the players they need to see out the rest of the season and more importantly, help them blend into the team for early Champions League qualifiers next term? I remain skeptical.

With things moving fast on the Griffiths deal, he could be a Celtic player before too long. If he does sign for Celtic. regardless of my previous rants on twitter about the lads attitude, he will start with a clean sheet and I will support him like I do every other player that comes into the club. Is he up to the task? Well the honest answer is, I don’t know. Is it an inspired well thought out signing though? I’m not so sure.

It feels like Celtic have a ‘Ach, that’ll do” attitude towards this window, an attitude that will not put bums on seats.

The media will be salivating at the prospect of Leigh in a Celtic jersey, the vultures ready to delve deep into his personal life to see what else he’s been up to. Lennon and Griffiths must be prepared for this.

With Johanssen and Friðjónsson already signed up this month, could Griffiths be the only extra addition or do Celtic have something up their sleeves?

Tick-Tock goes the transfer clock.


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