The Scottish Football Association  announced on Thursday morning that it has appointed its first-ever dedicated Video Assistant Referees.

SFA Referee
5th March 2023; St Mirren Park, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Scottish Premiership Football, St Mirren versus Celtic; Referee David Dickinson

Andrew Dallas and Greg Aitken are the two referees who will now sit behind the minutes on a permanent basis and will take a “step back from their on-field duties” as the SFA stated in their announcement.

Crawford Allan confirmed the move on Sky Sports.

In essence, fans won’t see Dallas or Aitken on the pitch in the foreseeable future. Instead, they will be based at Clydesdale House, officiating matches through VAR.

In the previous season, all referees had the liberty to alternate between the pitch and the VAR room. That flexibility may still be available to most, but Dallas and Aitken are set to assume VAR duties on a weekly basis.

This development is a significant step in the evolution of refereeing in Scotland, further integrating technology into the sport to improve decision-making and overall fairness in games.



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