CHRIS SUTTON has turned the conversation around from Hearts and The Rangers when it comes to the SPFL ending prematurely with the former Celtic striker pointing out the real losers.


So much of what’s been spoken about is how the league shutdown effects others but in reality, the biggest loser is Celtic in a footballing sense.

The bhoys wouldn’t be able to celebrate with their supporters clinching the league for a start.

The biggest travesty would be the team missing out on more history and a potential treble being halted because the season and cup can’t be finished.

“I think Celtic are the team who are going to lose out in all this.” Sutton told RecordSport.

“If they shut the season down, Celtic are going to miss out on the chance of another Treble, aren’t they?

“If they shut the season down there’ll be no Scottish Cup, so they’ll lose out on that opportunity

“I’ve lost how count of how many Trebles they’ve won so Celtic are the losers in all this.”

Celtic have won three trebles on the bounce and a fourth one was a real possibility.

It goes without saying, the best scenario for Celtic would be for the games to be played. This will always be Celtic’s first preference.

If we can find a way to get the season going it should be the way to go. If not, Celtic will deservedly land nine in a row but in a more low key way.


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