Celtic had to dig deep against a resolute Dundee who scored not once, but twice at Celtic Park on Sunday.

Dundee took the lead early on from a corner. The Hoops would reply with two quick goals from their Greek striker Giakoumakis to set them on the way to victory.

In the second half, Dundee sensationally equalised from another set piece and a long ball into the box.

After that, it was mostly Celtic but it took the bhoys until the last five minutes of the game to secure the three points and a hat-trick for Giakoumakis.

It was a spirited performance from the bhoys who went three points clear at the top.

There were some very peculiar decisions through out the game. Celtic were denied what looked to be two penalties against Dundee – we’ll get into those incidents later today once we have the correct footage.

But we do have the footage of an incredible decision made by the linesman at Celtic Park on Sunday.

This was deemed offside by the linesman.

I mean, he’s offside if you ignore the 6 players playing him on.

It might sound trivial but Maeda won a corner from that move but Dundee were given a free kick for offside. When Celtic are chasing a result and decisions like that are happening – it beggars belief.


  1. They are there to make the correct decision, that’s their (part-time) job. If they can’t see the obvious they are hopeless at their (part-time) job and not fit for the role.

  2. Do You think our club will ever take the bbc and Sportscene to task for totally ignoring major incidents in our games. They dissect ever offside or penalty teams don’t get but ours do not get a mention. Corrupt

  3. The problem is that the man is onside when the ball is played but his movement puts him ahead of the other players and it is this position that the linesman sees and consistently gives offside. They cannot keep up with play and cannot register two activities at the one time and if you are extra quick then no luck, you are pulled up far too often. I believe the Swedish Sport Institute once done a study of eye/brain/cognition in respect of Offside and concluded it was an impossible task to determine correctly.

    • I can understand that in instances such as Kyogo’s goal against the cousins, where in a split-second you have to make that decision. In this instance though it was blatantly obvious Maeda wasn’t offside, so that’s either ridiculous incompetence or blatant bias. Neither is acceptable.

  4. When you have utter plonkers running the game what do you expect? The whole game is riddled from top to bottom with bigots running the lines and officiating with no supervision. We pay these layabouts to do a job and they don’t do it. SACK THEM.
    They are taking the p1ss. The masons, the OO, run the game to their liking. Time to rid ourselves of this scum.

  5. We really need to stop this loser mentality of always blaming referees.
    We have also benefitted from marginal calls (Jota goal at Pittodrie & potential hand ball yday, headknock v Sevco at 1st goal).
    Fans of the smaller clubs rightly laugh at the idea that we get nothing off referees

  6. Loser mentality? Hardly, given we’re top of the league. What, do you want us to just sit at the back of the bus and shut up? Should we not complain that these corrupt/inept clowns are still being employed when they have shown repeatedly they are not fit for purpose? Should this be allowed to go on forever because pointing it out is “loser mentality”? Get a grip.
    To say we get nothing would be a ridiculous claim but when it really matters we get shafted whilst the filth get gifts. But oh we better not say anything or we might be accused of having a “loser mentality”…Jesus wept.

  7. Yeah the world world is against us, whats the point in even continuing playing cos we’ll never be allowed to win anything?

    Its never our fault.

    Thats a loser mentality, when things go against us its always referees, masons etc etc etc.

    There are plenty of examples of bad decisions against us v the huns but “when it really matters we get shafted”

    Yeah like the pen we got in 77 Cup Final, the Joe Miller goal in 89 when Aitken took a throw which was theirs or the 1st goal we got in the recent 3-0 which Madden could have disallowed?

    Nothing wrong with calling out bad decisions but the conspiracy nonsense is laughable.

  8. I never mentioned a conspiracy but when you have a system where refs don’t have to publicly declare their footballing allegiances and are not held to account or made to explain these iffy decisions then it’s easy for personal biases to creep in, especially when their favoured club is struggling.
    Whether it is deliberate bias or pure incompetence is irrelevant. The fact is that refs in this country are not up to snuff, and that needs to change.
    But just you enjoy lapping up the “paranoid tims” pish in your Daily Record…


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