Celtic got their first win of the season in the Europa League on Tuesday afternoon and it was a moment of brilliance that set the Hoops on their way.

An incredible pass from Jota found Kyogo who masterfully controlled the ball before slotting it into the back of the net.

The goal came so quickly and the assist was so pinpoint the Ferencvaros goalkeeper was caught out of position.

Watching the goal live was something and the BT replays certainly caught the magic.

However, one particular piece of footage and angle has emerged that totally captures how good the goal was.

A camera from behind the action caught the outstanding pass by Jota into the Japanese striker.

Take a look.

I don’t even think Celtic’s unique angle video will be able to beat this particular highlight.

Celtic won 2-0 on the night, but it could have been more.

Celtic Captain Callum McGregor missed a penalty and there was some guilt edged chances passed up by David Turnbull and Jota towards the end of the game.

It was a convincing win in the end and a great afternoon for the Celtic fans who managed to get there.


  1. A superb pass with extreme weight and accuracy with an exquisite first touch and finish to match. Well done Jota and Kyogo. Outstanding.

    • Thanks Larry.

      That’s not very #woke of you though.

      I demand you take the knee for 17 minutes to contemplate your insolence.

      Because we all know that ‘taking the knee’ will solve everything and is not just virtue signalling for the gullible to gobble up.


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