DAVID TURNBULL will not want to watch the footage below after Celtic’s heavy home defeat to Bayer Leverkusen in the Europa League.

The bhoys started well and could have taken the lead had it not been for goalkeeping heroics from the Bayer keeper.

After that, David Turnbull’s astonishing mistake let the German club in and they never looked back.

The midfielder got caught in two minds and found himself on the floor while Bayer didn’t need a second invitation.

Celtic started the second half well after going two goals down before the end of the first.

Another couple of great saves by the Leverkusen goalkeeper kept us at bay before the ref called for a penalty to the away side for a handball. 3-0 and Celtic were done for the evening.

Bayer are a solid side and will likely be the hardest team we face this season but Ange will have to answer questions on why he insists on playing a system that’s not suited to the players.

Ralston and Montgomery don’t look comfortable in their roles and them forcing the issue in the middle of the park did nothing for us but did give Bayer openings.

It’s back to the drawing board and Ange bust now look to Aberdeen on Sunday.


  1. In order to attack in any European tie, you have to trust the defence. And yet again, the away team soaked up the pressure. And then attacked and scored. Each and every time. No more cavalry charges. Without proper back up. Last night was grim. If these bunch of Celtic players learned anything last night. They learned that they’re in over their head. Time for a re-think, regroup and train as a squad, don’t believe your own press and wise up, or everything will avalanche on top of you again. Angeroo’s face could’ve melted platinum after last night’s constant pointing session at them. Sit down with him. And listen. Only way is forwards.


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