REPORTS today that Brendan Rodgers would be in the frame to take over at Arsenal if Arsene Wenger leaves the London side at the end of the season surfaced to mixed reaction.

However, one person seemed over enthusiastic about Rodgers leaving Scotland and I wonder why.

Jim White used his platform on TalkSport Radio to say Arsenal and Rodgers would be ‘the perfect fit’.

“It would be the perfect time for him. Would Brendan not be wasting his time spending another year in Scotland? I think he’d be wasting his time staying at Celtic. He’s won everything. He’s proved himself up there.

“I know Celtic fans will be saying ‘that’s Jim White wearing his Rangers hat again’. But it has nothing to do with that.”

It’s a little to do with that Jim, isn’t it..


  1. It’s got everything to do with it although he should be careful what he wishes for. Neil Lennon will only come back and make his life even tougher.

  2. White is another who just can not hide bigotry! And I take no notice of what he says. One of his hero’s commented last week, that sevco would beat Hearts, ( because he knew Hearts would lay down to sevco – wee brothers syndrome -) and forecast that Aberdeen would beat Celtic, (terribly wrong!) And that sevco would beat Celtic, then sevco would win he league!! Well Hahahahahahahahaha! Bring it on in Thier own midden!!! Another pasting coming for sevco!! Hail Hail

  3. Brendans been there, he knows there is not enough money at Arsenal to make an impact. He is a millionaire 10 times over and his wife, he doesn’t need to go anywhere.

  4. No Jim,we Celtic supporters are saying”that’s you wearing your SEVCO hat,wearing your orange sash and TRYING to convince yourself and any of the zombie horde listening that Brendan has nothing more to achieve.
    Don’t you think Brendan wasn’t aware what the current state of play was before he came up?Of course he did, Celtic were dominating domestically and had already achieved 5 -IAR and he knew the fans wanted improvement in Europe.He has delivered an invincible treble,another treble this season? more than a distinct probability,
    European improvement is a work in progress,but for you to say he has nothing more to win,he has a chance to make history by winning 10-IAR and more.
    When we do achieve 10-IAR we will be on 52 league titles and only 3 away from beating the “deid clubs”
    record 54 and that’s what i can’t wait to see,all the genuine ,GOING FOR 55 scarfs and banners being sold outside Celtic Park,something you zombies keep on about but can’t,as you can’t accept your clubs just like you,IT’S DEID MATE,NOW BEAT IT.


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