STEVEN GERRARD was sent packing with his tail between his legs (no not literally, Stevie) along with his indisciplined bunch of thugs.

After the game, there was no chance of Stevie G slipping out the back door with the fans waiting to see the Celtic players emerge after a hard fought win.

Celtic fans gave the Liverpool legend a fitting send off as he scurried onto the bus.



  1. The Sevco players were looking for trouble throughout the game and folk looking for trouble are easily wound up. This is a group of totally ill disciplined players who set out to physically hurt opponents. The sickening attempt to break Ajer’s jaw again, passed by with little comment. Other challenges were designed to hurt and the referee punished only a tiny percentage of them. From my playing days I remembered how easy it was to wind such individual players up as they are more than half out of control anyway. They are indeed a group of mindless thugs. No dignity and no class. There is a big difference between winding up and physical assault. The physical assault is harmful, but only to people who have no control over themselves. Sevco proved again what an out of control club they are.


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