PETER MARTIN has been around the block a few times in Scottish football and knows how everything works. The distorted headlines coming from The Times on Thursday claiming old Rangers had somehow been the victim of an injustice at the hands of HMRC.

The hoards were out in force as they gobbled up the propaganda faster than Celtic fans eating Jelly and Ice cream back in 2012.

Having cheated the taxman out of millions, suddenly Bears fans were asking for apologies and compensation – you couldn’t make it up.

Peter Martin was on hand for PLZ Soccer to put them in their place.

It’s in some of the media’s best interests to twist the facts and spin a narrative which is completely untrue.

The attempt to re-write history on the largest scale cheating in the history of Scottish football will not wash with people who have even half a brain cell.


  1. The boneheads at Ipox can’t work out the price of admission at ipox, never mind the real issue with their clubs liquidation. The dead mob had no money to pay anyone with. So in real terms, HMRC reduced the actual figures owed to a level that they may have eventually got. That never happened either, so who gives a toss. If the woolie brained unwashed can’t see the woods for the trees, who cares. Yer mobs deid, ya muppets!

  2. But it Wisnae There Fault.The Ungrateful Dead almost rose from the Grave with some Thriller moves and Laughable Compo comments lolol.Rangers Then,Sevco Now an Embarrassment Forever.They don’t do Walking away there Cry Was No Surrender and All in All it was there Messiah Dave G👀gly eyes King who stated they don’t need a CVA…
    Knowing it would kill The history of the Dead Club….

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