STUART ARMSTONG has been gone from Celtic from nearly 18-months and he’s found the going tough at Southampton with the club itself struggling to compete.

Armstrong was a late substitute in the humiliating 9-0 defeat to Brendan Rodgers Leicester last month. Stuart’s old Celtic boss coming back to haunt him and the Saints.

The midfielder isn’t first choice at St Mary’s right now and now on international break the player has opened up about the struggles and differences between Celtic and Southampton.

“At Celtic, it was always more dominant, you have a lot more possession. Your aim there is to win the league and the Cups.” Armstong told the Evening Times.

“In the Premier League, your ambition is to finish as high as possible.

“So, it’s different challenges and different mentality.”

So to recap, at Celtic you’re competing for trophies, at Southampton you’re competing to stay afloat in the Premier League.

It’s a choice many players make for financial reasons or in the hope they make a big enough impression they’re picked up by a bigger side.

Armstrong was outstanding in the invincible season but in his last season with the club, he fell away badly and didn’t play up to the standard he set himself. Getting as much money as Celtic did for him with one year left on his deal was good business.


  1. Armstrong was never and will never be a Celt.He was only using Celtic to better himself.Got himself a move to the Premier Soopa Doopa Elite League.Goodluck to Him but regards to a loan move back to Paradise??Personally I don’t think We need him.We are well sorted in the Midfield Department.We need another Striker,Fact!!!!!🍀MonTheHooPs🍀

  2. Armstrong is old news. He will not and should not be seen in the hoops again.
    We have moved on and have much better players.


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