Safety protocols in Scottish football are set to be relaxed and the news will please all.

There will be no more ‘red zones’ in Paradise or any other stadium, meaning season ticket holders who previously had to be move on a game-to-game basis will not need to do so anymore. The relaxation of this rule should also allow the long-awaited return of away fans.

Celtic could not allow away fans over the last couple of months due to the need for fans to be seated from both sides of the main stand, this led to an official complaint to the SFA.

Other rules relaxed include hospitality areas, training ground and travel however, this will be completed in accordance with the club’s risk assessment.

This could see the end of Celtic arriving at grounds using several buses.

Although there has been no date given yet, the assumption is that these changes will come into effect when the league season resumes, after the international break.


  1. Relaxation of the ridiculous scamdemic red zones or not, I don’t ever want the heathen hordes of the new meaningless Ibrox club inside the walls of Celtic Park ever again. Would sooner rip them a new one to go with their solitary given title than ever again allow them to sit in our coveted stadium.


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