Henrik Larsson has played with so many great players over the year. He was part of a Celtic team that will be talked about for years to come, along with playing with the superstars of Barcelona and a short stint at Manchester United.

So when asked to create a team of his best XI of the player’s he has played alongside the Swede was in no doubt bout who should be in the team.

Three Celtic players make the grade!

Van Der Sar

Nilsson, Koeman, Rieper, Van Bronckhorst

Rooney, Xavi, Moravcik

Ibrahimovic, Sutton, Ronaldinho

What a line-up from the Celtic legend and what a compliment to the three Celtic players who find themselves in incredible company. Although some may feel Rab Douglas has been hard done by to be omitted from the list. We’re told he was a very close second!

For Marc Reiper, Lubo Moravcik and Chris Sutton there can be no bigger accolade bestowed upon them from the magnificent seven.

Henrik Larsson was a special talent but Celtic were never a one-man team, especially when he played under O’Neill. The former striker cannot praise his Celtic teammates high enough and we think it’s fitting that Lubo takes his name up there with some of the greats of the modern game.

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  1. you have to be joking mentioning Rab Douglas in this company!! he was absolutely crap in Seville and although he was good at the spectacular save now and again I blame Martin for sticking with him far too long. He was an average keeper and Henrick scores two of the best headers of his life in Seville and looses. Rab played shite in that final, I know they cheated and dived all over the place but the last goal was definately saveable.

    Martin I would imagine in silent moments must regret deeply not bringing in a class keeper at the start of that season.

  2. Great selections from Henrik, but although i rated Rieper highly,would have had big Bobo or Mjalby in his place but hey,who i am i to question the Kings of Kings HH

  3. Larsson made clear his intentions to take up coaching once his playing career came to an end, having also expressed an interest in returning to Celtic in a coaching capacity. However, the news that Larsson would take over Landskrona was received with mixed feelings, as his former club Helsingborgs IF traditionally were their main rivals.


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