NOT a lot has been made of Aberdeen getting a lot more tickets for the final than they took for their semi-final tie against The Rangers but this poll suggests Celtic fans can’t quite believe it.

Aberdeen took 11,000 to the Semi-Final at Hampden while Celtic took 30,000 to Murrayfield for theirs. Almost three times what Aberdeen fans managed.

Of course, there is a bigger capacity at Murrayfield so even if Aberdeen sold out their allocation Celtic selling out theirs meant a bumper crowd.

The Dons had to embarrassingly hand 5,000 tickets back to the SPFL after initially demanding more for the semi-final.

It was right that Celtic would get the majority of tickets but there are two perfectly legitimate sides to the argument which have their own merits.

One is simply Celtic fans who made the semi-final should be offered a ticket and the rest should go to Aberdeen. That would be the fair way to do things.

The other side of the coin is this is a showpiece final and having two sets of fans in the stadium, with one having a diminished support does not make for a red-hot atmosphere.

People are more likely to take final tickets than they are semi-final so there’s a good chance Aberdeen will sell the lot. If they don’t then Celtic would get some extra briefs there way.

It’s the old adage you can’t keep everyone happy. The final is still set to be a great occasion with 25,000 guaranteed Celts ready to make some noise for the bhoys.


  1. A three quarters full hempdam makes no financial sense. Where are all the neutrals and the glory hun ters?? A fair split should go to a lottery of the semi fans. After the split they should go to supporters assosiations for a further split. Only way thats fair and proper. Unlike the Sfa.


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