Celtic’s colt side were knocked out of the Scottish Trust Trophy on Saturday – beaten 3-1 by Morton in what was a difficult day for a makeshift reserve side.

Including Liam Shaw and Osaze Urhoghide didn’t do much for the Hoops but it was the debut bhoy who managed to get a gpal and keep Celtic competitive for longer in the tie.

Ciaran Dickson dawned the Celtic jersey for the first time since making his low key move from across the city.

The former Ibrox midfielder moved from Celtic’s local rivals to join up with the Colt side without any sort of announcement from the club.

Asked about Dickson after the match, Colt boss McIntrye claimed Ciaran had the personality to handle any flak from making the move from across the city.

“He’s got the personality to handle the move.” Tommy McIntyre told CelticTV.

“I don’t want to go too much on Ciaran but there have been players in the past on either side who have done that.

“Ciaran made an impact but we need to be careful with him. He’s just come in and I thought he did well. He will get better and better.

“He’s a top player and will be a big acquisition for us. But he’s just come in and we need to give him a bit of time to settle.”

Dickson isn’t the first in recent times to jump the divide at a lower level. Liam Burt came to Celtic from our rivals two seasons ago but only lasted one season before moving on.

Ciaran will be hoping to make a bigger impact for the club now here


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