Kieran Tierney is Celtic through and through, we all know that.

But sometimes we take that fact for granted or maybe envision the left back of becoming more of a player than a fan the more he continues to dazzle in the Celtic side.

However, when he was in Tenerife recently he took the time to come down to a Celtic bar he had visited a couple of times before to meet the fans – when he came wearing a retro Celtic shirt, Twitter went into meltdown.

Kieran Tierney reveals why he had the shirt, and no it wasn’t a freebie from the club!

“I asked for that shirt for Christmas. That was the only thing I could think of.

“It was the CR Smith centenary year strip. Before Christmas my parents always bring stuff in from people for me to sign.

“I just saw this top and thought: ‘This one is a belter’ so I tried it on and said: ‘Right, get me one of them for Christmas’.

Speaking about meeting the fans in Tenerife, the Celtic full back had to pinch himself as over 100 fans turned out on very short notice to meet him.

“They asked me to pop in so it was good to see the fans as well. Those are moments where I pinch myself.

“When I was in Tenerife there were maybe 100 people there to see me with just around an hour’s notice. The guy put it on social media — it killed me! I got about 100 rounds in!

“For people to come and see you when they are on holiday is crazy. But I think it is very important to interact with the fans.

Since reading these comments, if it was possible, Celtic fans have fallen more in love with Tierney.

And this is the guy the media keep telling us will leave Celtic soon!!!


  1. Yes KT is a legend already,but I’m a wee bit upset,he asked his Ma n Da ‘could they get him one for Xmas?’
    Does that mean we all need to send our Santa letters tae KTs parents noo??
    For me,…..he’s kinda shot Santa ?? .?.?

    Hope he never leaves,A True Legend,HH KT??✅


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