We wrote out first piece on the marauding, hard of thinking hordes who trashed Glasgow city centre back in March. Little did we know, this was the preamble, the appetiser for what would be today’s main course from the peepel.

Facilitated by Police Scotland, thousands of Rangers fans gathered in Glasgow in the midst of a deadly pandemic to ‘celebrate’.

Now, if that’s what we’re calling it, ‘celebrating’ then the dictionary definition will have to be rewritten.

Here is George Square on Saturday evening.

What we got from the hordes today was sectarian bile oozing from every single last one of their hateful pores. Violence, destruction, more violence, fireworks fired aimlessly into Glasgow streets – it was truly a sight to behold.

We’re constantly lumped in with these Neanderthals – they’re as bad as each other is the argument.

Celtic are just off nine straight league titles and four consecutive trebles – not once did we get a hint of anything we’ve seen in Glasgow on Saturday.

Even when Police Scotland shut our bus parade down after the treble treble, the Hoops fans partied on and the jubilant scenes are there for all to see.

This mob have a built in superiority complex and believe they’re above it all. They can do what they like, for they are the people.

So they did what the liked; they beat each other up, they trashed our fine city and they sang their songs of hate as businesses who have already suffered for over a year had to shut up shop for the day.

No class and no dignity. Once again a club who emanates from Ibrox remind people they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace.


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