ALAN THOMPSON’s book is now out for consumption and if you lived through the Martin O’Neill era at Celtic Park, it’s well worth a read.

The former Celtic player and coach goes into a lot of detail about his two spells at Celtic and talks through one of the biggest disappointments during that era – losing the league in the last two minutes of the season against Motherwell.

Alan explains the scenario: the Hoops just needed a win on the final day of the season to secure the title. We now know, the Rangers side who snatched the title away from us had players their club could not afford without an illegal tax scheme.

Motherwell and more specific ally Scott McDonald killed Celtic’s title party dead when he scored not once, but twice in the dying minutes.

Writing in his book, Alan branded Motherwell and McDonald a disgrace:

“The last game of the season we played Motherwell at Fir Park with Rangers playing Hibs away at Easter Road. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

“All we had to do was win the game that day and we’d be crowned champions again.

“Chris Sutton scored, we were in a great position and we missed some great chances to put that game to bed.



  1. Absolute nonsense. Scott McDonald had every reason to celebrate. That had nothing to do with Celtic. Quite simply Thompson & his teammates blew it and basically let the supporters down on the day and ultimately cost us the league , what McDonald did had nothing to do with us .

    • We/you weren’t good enough Alan. Scott McDonald did his job that day to the best of his ability. Celtic didn’t do theirs. As for the celebrations….. never had a problem. It was a sickener but if others hadn’t missed their chances….

  2. What a load of crap, did he expect Motherwell to roll over for us? It was our title to lose & we gave it away, why doesn’t he look at himself as to why McDonald was able to score 2 late goals? He sounds like a spoilt wain writing stuff like this! Just trying to sell a book which no one will be bothered to buy (hardly a Celtic legend was he?)

  3. Celtic missed 2 many glaring chances that day was at the match with my son I had over 6000 pounds coming from a bet and I agree he went crazy at both goals that his call I did not like it but he paid us back with vital goals
    A very sad day took me a long time to come to terms with that defeat painful talking about it

  4. Mon decided to take off John Hartson. BBJ, was dragging two or three Motherunwell defenders in circles most of the game. Mon decided to put on a defender. And the smallest bloke on the field scored two late goals.

    I left early, and almost crashed my car on the M74 when the second went in. I cried a river later, on my return to Glasgow that night. Munkie mofo’s.


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