Hearts owner Ann Budge has continued her crusade to save her team from the drop on BBC radio on Saturday afternoon but it’s what she said during the interview which has raised eyebrows.

Ann is claiming there’s something in the pipelines which would see the SPFL benefit from millions of pounds via philanthropists. Budge comments like there are people willing to help but only if Hearts aren’t relegated.

It’s a strange comment from Ann who is facing an uphill battle to convince clubs reconstruction is in the best interests of everyone.

Budge will unlikely push this through BUT the SPFL might need to change out of necessity if clubs fail to survive this current crisis.

This is the first anybody has heard of a potential private bailout of the SPFL.

We’d be keen to know where Ann is getting her information.

If league reconstruction is not on the cards, Budge is likely to go to court.


  1. This is getting past a joke. Budgie has tried every trick in the book to avoid the obvious relegation of Hearts. Now there’s a load of dosh from a group who wants to support Scottish Football. Aye sure hen, we’re hanging on your every word.
    Do you think a group of wealthy philanthropists need Budge and her failed club to support Scottish football? It’s the same with Dempster and her METEORITE, it’s all make-believe.
    To be honest, when they go down a division it’ll teach Budge and her supposed team a lesson.
    If you want to be successful, you need to win games. Get that into her heid Budge!


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