Celtic Fans watched their side lose 1-0 to a resolute and almost always thuggish Hearts team in the second round of SPFL fixtures.

Brendan Rodgers made FIVE changes with the game on Tuesday against Athens clearly playing on his mind.

Celtic fans aren’t happy with the team the squad selection and some have branded dropping five players as an ‘arrogant’ move by the manager.

If it helps towards the bigger picture then I’m sure Celtic fans will begrudgingly accept today’s defeat but right now as it’s fresh and raw – the fans are looking to vent.


  1. You need to play your best team fuck Tuesday it’s today that counts ! Schoolboy stuff from Celtic today there is no case for the defence, but hold on it’s ok we have signed Izaguirre!! Get a fuckin grip Celtic football club your making a mug of our club !!

  2. So Laugh at me SCORES yet again. Ohh the Hoops need to stengthen. All the players who have been sold (Or are getting sold/moved on), now have to be replaced. Hopefully this early loss, is a blip and the suit’s remove their short arms fae their long pocket’s wae plenty of financial backing for St Brendan and his needed player pool. Or he is doing a Lenny and leaving for pastures new.

  3. Simonavic hopeless kouassi not even hopeless when you don’t have quality to back you up and only play average players you out get what you deserve our defense was bullied by hearts 19

  4. Typical knee jerk reaction from fickle Celtic fans who have been spoiled for too long, do we forget the last 2 years of absolute joy this team and Rodgers has brought us. WE ARE IN BAD NEED OF A QUALITY CENTRE HALF TO SHOW THIS YOUNG DEFENSE WHATS NEEDED, and maybe a cpl others then this result will be a distant memory, take a chill pill man. Sitn all worried about stevie g n his bunch of loan players. Stop acting like THEM n get behind our team!

  5. All this nonsense about arrogance is totally out of order this guy has given this club his all while here what more do you want l for one will back him to the hilt and hope our supporters and board do the same after watching those thugs kick our players even when looking to have serious injuries made me very aware of the tactics these hate filled elements will do to bring us down I say never while Brendan is in charge let’s all rally round him as a Celtic family.

  6. “WE DON’T CARE IF WE WIN LOSE OR DRAW” Get a fukcin grip bhoys,all the players that came in,Kouause apart,were experienced and good enough,to come in and do a turn,that’s why they are in our squad ffs.
    Brendan protected Rogic,Ajer,Forest,N’tcham and Edouarde from what he knew was,and did come from hearts.and especially Naismith the little hun,runt thug that he is.If the compliance officer doesn’t throw a ban his way,then the only way to punish the runt,is by exacting our own punishment on the pitch,a sly rake of the studs here or there,a solid elbow to the nose even.Not very sporting but completely deserving,don’t you think? But some of the tweets directed at the players and manager ,need to have a wee word with themselves,just saying like!! H.H

  7. We are no good enough to leave out the best players and abody knew what Hearts were gonna be like the day…personally couldn’t give a fuck about the champions league…it’s all about winning the SPL


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