There could be some interesting developments this afternoon with regards to Kieran Tierney and being able to play this weekend for Arsenal against Manchester City.

The Arsenal boss claims the Gunners are having more talks with the authorities and an outcome on the former Celtic player’s status should be known today, at some point.

Why is this pertinent to Celtic?

Ryan Christie is under the same self-isolation period as Kieran Tierney having spent time around Stuart Armstrong who tested positive.

If Tierney was to get the all-clear, you can bet Celtic would be knocking on some doors before Saturday.

Ryan has been training from home with the club sending out a treadmill to help him stay fit while isolating. The overriding notion is Ryan will miss this game but if Kieran gets the green light, it raises a question.

Ryan has tested negative since being asked to self-isolate. We’ll keep you up to date with how things progress but it would be a long shot.


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