Celtic supporters await Adidas bringing them three brand new kits this season as the anticipation grows for the brand to unveil the famous hoops.

However, there’s been a conception out there for a while Adidas will give us some top quality designs with high standards.

The Arsenal jersey which has just been leaked gives us pause!

Footy Headlines dropped the new away jersey for the London club and it’s a little bit out there!

The Celtic support have been clamouring for Adidas to be our kit sponsors for years. We hope they don’t take too many risks with the kits on their first go.

Having something like the above in green would be horrible!

One Celtic Fan wrote:

The new Adidas deal doesn’t kick in until the start of July. By then, we’re hoping we’ve seen at least the home jersey. Like we always say, you can’t really go wrong with green and white hoops.


    • Govan Sevco FC
      The Ungrateful Dead have been wearing a Dead Clubs Kit since
      Only Club(Company)to be Liquidated and just seemingly Brassneckedly Carry On as if SFA happened
      They were Formed and Founded by
      Charles Greene


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