Hearts owner Ann Budge is doubling down on her threat to take legal action against the SPFL if reconstruction isn’t voted through.

It appears she can’t read the room and threats like this will unlikely amuse the people she needs support from.

If legal action were to be taken in the coming weeks it could put the football restart on hold until it’s over and done with.

Speaking about reconstruction, Budge says she’s desperate to find out the general consensus but will go straight to legal action should Hearts relegation stand.

“I don’t think they will take a vote next week but we’ll get a clear indication of what we have addressed.” Budge told SunSport.

“But it could drift and drift and drift and I for one don’t want that any more than anyone else.

“I am DESPERATE for a decision. As if there weren’t enough uncertainties about.

“Some people will say, ‘Just give up then’. But that takes us full circle to me saying, ‘I’m not giving up because this is wrong’.

“If it unfortunately becomes clear we will be starting the season in the Championship I don’t have any choice but to go ahead with a legal battle.”

Asked if she’d do so if it meant delaying the start of next season, she replied: “We have already got two QCs who have looked over the original decision and that is just one angle.

“If we’re in the Championship and the Championship isn’t playing then it’s effectively a restriction of trade.

“Do I want to do that? Absolutely not. We could have done it straight away but I didn’t do it as it wasn’t the right thing to do without exploring other options.”

If a legal battle happens, it’s unclear if Celtic and the rest of the league will suffer as a result. The timing of any legal issues could be costly for the league.

There’s desperation from these quotes but to come out and say things at this stage destroys goodwill you might have with some clubs.

This has never been an ideal scenario for anyone and you have to feel for Hearts but Ann Budge continues to show her lack of awareness when it comes to handling the issue.

Celtic are supposed to be heading back to the training ground in mid-June. The hope is the game could startup here on schedule, behind closed doors in August – however, litigation could scupper plans.


  1. Seems to me that Mrs Ludge has taken a leaf out of the ibrokes book of bullying. This would not be the case if her team had performed to a better standard, but alas didn’t turn up when needed.I for one have no sympathy for the second most bigoted team in Scottish football, HAIL HAIL.

  2. Budge with a grudge, disaster Dempster, are both heading for a downfall. The Meteor didn’t happen, a lousy cheap trick by Dempster, to take the attention away from the Budgie. Meanwhile, Budgie is back on threatening the Hampden mob. Gies a break will you Mrs. B, your team had 30 games to avoid relegation, but DIDN’T. Can’t you get that into your skull? Your team, if I can call it that, played rubbish most of the season, and the manager is playing magic tricks to win games, and they didn’t. The problem as I see it is that certain people lack the guile to run clubs. They think mouthing off is the way to sound BIG. It’s not! winning games is the only thing supporters want, and the way forward. As for Dempster, well hot air and a low level of interest is to blame.

  3. Budgie could always play the last ace card that Hearts have, the treat NOT to leave the SPFL and stay just to irk all others.


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