CHRIS SUTTON believes Celtic and the board must up their game if they’re to keep a hold of Brendan Rodgers beyond this season.

The former Celtic striker believes Rodgers will become frustrated at Celtic Park if Celtic don’t show their ambition with regards to European football.

Speaking on BT Sports the pundit was straight to the point.

“I think for Celtic to move on a level and to keep Brendan at the club, they need a big summer.”

Celtic went out of the Europa League with a whimper in Russia after winning the first leg in an electric night at Celtic Park. The gap between Celtic and clubs spending upwards of £50million per season on their team is getting wider.

Celtic don’t get enough credit for hanging with side’s who continue to spend while the Scottish Champions work within a tight budget.

Sutton believes the club must think beyond Scottish football to keep Rodgers interest.

Is he right?


  1. He absolutely is right! Its not just abpit this season. We need to be making a mark in Europe and while I wouldnt expect crazy money (£15-20m) to be spent our transfer record stands at £6m and has down for what 17 years!
    Our problem is getting someone to come to us while the league is poor.
    A bit of ambition with the buy young talent would be a good offset for me.
    The Zenit home leg was awesome in every sense, performance, atmosphere and result….c’mon Celtic board give us a signing we can all genuinely get excited about!

  2. Would say that it’s very difficult for CFC to compete and the fact is they are not in a position to change that due to the monetary constraints in Scotland. I have often thought that BR would have been aware of this and yet stilled signed a contract so would appear to relish the challenge. His stock in management is at stake here and he maybe thinks that something better can be achieved.

  3. think he is right in some ways , right that the board have to support brendan , they have to open the purse strings and i think they will , but how much is a different matter . but as far as brendan goes i believe it would take a lot for him to leave his place at paradise, he has started to buils a team for the future , he seems to be at peace with himself at paradise , and think that he has settled down in glasgow. i dont believe that brendan is a quiter , he will carry on as much as he can , do beloieve that he will be here for the 10 in a row . i hope and pray that we can keep this wonderfull man , he is great for the club , the supporters and the bhoys , never met a man with such humility and kindness , time for everyone a real gent , so please ride it out with your beloved celtic brendan whom you have so much PASSION FOR god bless you .

  4. Brendans not going anywhere, unless the board can’t back him, We won’t back them with oor cash. Fed the fuc& up with their penny pinching, and getting a big cut of all money that Celtic make and split it around. But not on the field of play.


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