The fans can’t push the players on to victory tomorrow but they’re doing their best away from the stadium to give them a lift before the Glasgow Derby.

The Green Brigade have managed to stick up a banner outside Celtic’s Lennoxtown base on the eve of the derby.

It reads; ‘we’re out here for you, be in there for us’

It’s going to be the strangest Glasgow Derby of the modern era. The noise of 60,000 screaming supporters will be replaced by echos.

It’s going to be a very interesting game to watch. Celtic have struggled to find their gears with no support backing them but since the start of the season, the bhoys have managed to find a way to win.

A victory on Saturday would put the club top of the table. Let’s hope they are all primed and ready for what’s ahead.

We should know shortly the state of the team and who is likely to play.



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