BARRY FERGUSON has told Ibrox fans they soured their win against Celtic at the weekend by getting the vile songbook out which included lapping up the death of Lisbon Lions.

Ferguson believes it took the shine off the players on the park and branded it ‘sad’.

A vocal majority of the crowd could be heard singing the bile from the stands instead of cheering on their players who were delivering them a famous win on the park.

It seems if they win or lose, it’s an excuse to sing these songs.

Ferguson told SunSport: “It’s sad. I heard it yesterday when I was watching it. It sours what was a fantastic performance with Rangers.

“That’s what I would rather be talking about, how good a performance it was and obviously Celtic being poor.”

The former Ibrox player then quickly showed his naivety or perhaps denial by saying it’s something that’s crept in this season, which is absolute nonsense.

“It’s a part of the game that’s sadly crept in this season which I don’t like. I can only say it’s sad.”

The chants out of Ibrox for decades have been pure filth at times and the Lisbon Lion song is just the newest in a long line of sickening songs the Gers support have happily sung.

They’re u to their knees in blood most games home or away we seem to be numb to it.

What’s more, this Lisbon Lion song has been in circulation for quite some time and it’s only being highlighted now after the passing of two lions. Apparently, it’s only worth mentioning after that fact.


  1. It is part of YOUR club’s culture Barry and unfortunately YOU have ignored it for years.
    It is only when it becomes so obvious and cannot deny it, that it seems to irk with you, although I suppose I am pleased that you have at least mentioned it now.
    It is not about taking the shine off the game, but it is about the EVIL present in our society which will not go away because a particular club (and some others) encourages it and those in government and the law are too afraid to upset the Klan. The Conservatives role in this is mucky too.

    The very honest, admirable, free-thinking and intelligent Michael Stewart has consistently called out this horrible and cowardly chanting and your very own honourable and much respected former director Hugh Adam also did so (May he rest in peace).

    It would suit us all well if Sevco recognised this for what it was worth, but they are guided by a “glib and shameless liar” who uses it for his own ends. This is passed on from parents to offspring and it was obvious from the Sunday game that it is a majority of the Sevco crowd who take part in this at games. If you look at the statistics for trouble after games, you will find some interesting facts which I don’t think you would like to acknowledge. There is anti-Irish racism in Scotland (and anti-catholic bigotry) which needs to be dealt with, but is unfortunately historically built into the fabric of the country. Being non-religious myself, I have always found these vile chants to be disturbing.

    So by all means call the chanting out, but call it out consistently and not just when it is obvious.

  2. Well said Frank M.
    I just don’t understand what this imaginary thing is that they insist there will be ‘no surrender’ to ? ?
    They want to be up to their knees in peoples blood when celebrating a deserved victory,and consistently set about doing just that when they lose.
    Very much an institutional,generational problem.
    As a Celtic man myself,i really wish our own fans would drop the rebel song thing..and that includes ‘Grace’ which i love.
    All of this influeces the ticket allocation process too,and has ruined the Celtic/Rangers fixtures ,reducing them to a kind of freak show.
    Scottish football is barely surviving as it is,and in my opinion,if things don’t change radically in the next year or too at best,the game and what should be a fantastic spectacle, will die in shame and disgrace.
    It saddens me,and several others i know,to say that it’s becoming such a hideous and negative event that i sometimes just don’t even want to watch any more.
    Rivalry is fine and reasonably healthy…the hateful,disgusting and violent nature of it is getting too much for me to bear.


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