BBC Scotland sports news correspondent, Chris McLaughlin has hammered home the point few in Scotland believe Celtic would have been caught if the season progressed like norma.

The BBC reporter goes one step further and believes there’s some within the Ibrox boardroom who will know the likely outcome of the season ending early will be Celtic as champions.

This means the grand standing going on in public is nothing more than a facade to keep their supporters on board. Had they been in Celtic’s position, we all know what side of the fence they’d been on.

The reality is, they blew their chance at stopping nine in a row, long before the shutdown came into play. You now have their support clutching at the flimsiest of straws when Celtic get their deserved title.

McLaughlin thinks the writing is on the wall for not only the Ibrox club, but for Hearts who could be the biggest losers of this scenario with relegation a real possibility.

Writing on the BBC website, Chris McLaughlin said:

“Playing out the season is what everyone wants, but there is a growing realisation that this scenario is looking increasingly unlikely.”

Also, in reference to the Highland League already awarding Cove Rangers with their league title:

“Their members took the view that protecting the new season was more important than arguing about one that looked to be over anyway. That is what key members within Scotland’s top flight are ready to argue when the clubs get together this week.

“Rangers might argue that Celtic could be caught. Few in the game believe that would happen in reality, and it may well be that inside Ibrox they are already aware that calling the season is more than likely.”

And, finally;

“With the caveat that things are changing day to day, I’m afraid, for Hearts fans the writing is very much on the wall.”


  1. Easy sort, all remaining games = one point scoreless draw. Tables don’t change. Everybodies Happie with results. Nothing changes. End of everything. Move on.
    New season beckons. Every team has holidays. Come back to early training for semi finals then cup final.. Start new campaign in June, then Euro qualifying then. Back to league again early. Winter break as usual, but more games played before break. REPEAT. YNWA. TIAR. History made.

  2. The Klan live and breathe hate for the Celtic. Like the players, every game they leave a boot in whenever possible. Utter Sh1te, every one of them. Sourness wants to come back, come on then. We saw off the mighty Barton, the mouth Warburton, who after getting shafted and sacked, he still spouts supportive sh1te for them, the wee tosser from South America, and the world champion who never was…slippy Gerrard. We’ve seen them all off, please come back Sourness ya thug.
    When he was playing for the buns, I remember him getting sent of on a Wednesday night cup game for headbutting a Celtic player after a tackle. The Sourness factor might scare the weans, but never the mighty Celtic. They’d do anything to stop the TEN, please come back Sourness, we want you here to see it done. We’ll rub it right in, believe me, WE WILL.

  3. Deep within their heart of hearts, the club/company are truly desperate, not for null and void, but for finality of this season. When that happens, they get the balance of the payout money which they urgently need, just to keep the lights on. If null and void was the outcome, tv and sponsors would slash their payout to the SPFL and SFA, who in turn would decimate the money given to Scottish clubs. The stupid zombie support can only focus on preventing Celtic’s march to 9 then 10 in a row, if they got their wish, the second demise of their club would be inevitable.


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