Jonathan Sunderland has taken to social media tonight to dispel any rumours that he was told to stop talking about the banner The Rangers fans had on show at their game today from a producer.

Sutherland starts talking about the banner, about to ask the panel their opinion before he suddenly changes direction.

The presenter puts it down to a wobbly moment or ‘brain fart’ as he put it.

You be the judge…


  1. The Myth that is Oldco are alive and kicking.They survived liquidation,As miraculous as that would be.No other football Club has been Liquidated and just carried on as if Nothing happened.But over in Govania the land of the DelooDeid they believe Anything and Everything.GoinFor55 etc lolololol.Hope this Madness never ends as its just Hilarious Comedy at its Best.They seem to think they will stop us getting that Magical 10.If Old Rangers didnt use EBT what we are witnessing at ibroke now wouldve been happening way back then.Fact !!!!!!


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