Fourth tier Belgian Club Royal Liege released a statement calling Celtic a ‘High-Class Act’ after the Scottish Champions were forthcoming with a development fee for backup goalie Logan Bailly.

Former Belgium international Bailly joined up at Parkhead from OH Leuven in the summer, but he started his career at Royal Liege.

Before Royal Liege even tried to contact the club about a developmental fee, Celtic beat them to the punch and made contact with them. Paying the fee within 72 hours and leaving the Belgian side in no doubt about how Celtic do business.

“Before we even thought about contacting Celtic, they got in touch to ask how we would like to receive payment, and we got it in 72 hours. Celtic told us their policy was to make payments proactively rather than wait for clubs to contact them. A high-class club.”

“At a time when the world of football often resembles a jungle where the end justifies the means, we would like to acknowledge the exemplary behaviour of this venerable Scottish club.”

Hail Hail!





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