HERE are some of the best video and images from Celtic’s official channels today as the club lifted their seventh consecutive title.

French Eddie is still out injured but enjoyed the aftermatch celebrations with his countryman Moussa Dembele while Billy Connelly took it all in from the stands.

Celtic just have three more titles to go to break a record set by Jock Stein’s men back in the 60s.

With so many young players on the field today, there’s a few of them who will hopefully be here to try and make history.





  1. Shame from the North – loathesome Logan at it again.
    What an idiot and what an embarrassment!

    His club are culpable if they do not make a statement condemning his beviour and if they do not discipline him also. The only reason this did not cause a disturbance today is because the Celtic support can control themselves. Logan obviously cannot. What must his family think? If he has a wife, what will she think? He is a terrible example to young people watching.

    The hate we saw today from him was ugly. This is the individual whose word was taken over Mr Tonev’s by the SFA, who were quick to act without appropriate evidence. Will their response be appropriate? I am not confident.


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