So the league is done, the trophy has been lifted and the confetti is currently being swept up.

Of course, there’s still the small matter of a double treble to play for next week but let’s just look at the league season as a snapshot.

Celtic finished the season with 82 points – the third lowest tally of points since 2000. A massive 24 points of last years incredible pace, it’s safe to say it hasn’t been a vintage championship win.

Celtic were always the best and always the team in control of their own destiny but this season, especially at home they have lacked the drive and winning mentality that saw them through the invincible season.

Ronny Deila’s final season in charge seen an 86 point league win which was deemed unacceptable by many at the time.

Celtic have been better than all the rest but the frustrating thing is they could have been better than what was shown.

Memorable victories have been had this season; a 3-2 win at Ibrox with ten men, a 5-0 drubbing to win the league against the same side have been particular high points. The low against Hearts was a tough pill to swallow as Celtic’s stuttering form gave way to a heavy defeat, finally tasting defeat domestically under Rodgers.

Celtic’s dropped points.

1-1 v St Johnstone (H)
2-2 v Hibs (H)
1-1 v Killie (H)
1-1 v Motherwell (A)
2-2 v Hibs (A)
0-4 v Hearts (A)
0-0 v Sevco (H)
0-1 v Killie (A)
0-0 v St Johnstone (H)
0-0 v Motherwell (A)
0-0 v Dundee (H)
1-2 v Hibs (A)
0-0 v Killie (H)
0-1 v Aberdeen (A)

Now stats are used by people who don’t feel the need to see Celtic improve and will moan until the cows come home that Celtic have only lost three domestic games under Rodgers so far and we are all just who gets with too high expectations.

The reality is we move onto phase 2 of Brendan Rodgers reign where the Irishman has to make some difficult decisions on who still is the fire in their belly and bring in some new faces that want to make their own mark.

The players who have let the Celtic manager down this season will be in the firing line.

There is no way Celtic could afford another drop in form below this season. That would be fatal to ten in a row.

I believe Rodgers is steadying himself, clearing his throat and is ready to get Celtic firing on all cylinders again.


  1. 10 draws 2 defeats unacceptable, 32 points dropped atrocious, no player 20 goals or more, atrocious, no player in double figures for assist, shocking, performances this season mostly bland, incipid, dull and thoroughly un entertaining. Going to win a treble but worst season performance wise since Tony Mowbray.

  2. The league campaign has been terrible. The football on display has been awful at times. More often bad than good.
    The players haven’t been interested in the last two games. Today was a shameful display, and embarrassingly the crowd were more interested in what was going on with the huns.
    Five wins in the last ten games is a shocking stat.
    Half the squad needs shown the door.
    Sinclair is a waste of a squad number.
    Why is compper here?
    Why is kouassi here?
    Why do we have a youth set up when we’d rather play a winger up front than give a young striker a chance?
    Ntcham is either world class or makes halliday look like lampard. Nothing in between. Far too inconsistent. That isn’t good enough. Lustig walks like he needs two new hips.
    Rodgers substitutions today made no sense. A goal down, so he brings in a striker to replace a striker. Genius!
    Why not two up top to try to get back in? A two year unbeaten run ended as embarrassingly as that.

  3. The warning signs are all there and have been for months. Someone told me earlier if we look at the last 19 games, a decent way to look at a season that we would not make the top three, our form has been so bad. But two stats leap out at me most. We scored 3 goals less than the awful team playing out of Ibrox who came third! Also we failed to win 4 games in a row, something we were slaughtering the Ibrox mob for earlier in the season. Plus Celtic could be sued by fans for misrepresenting the product as entertainment. Home form has been dreadful and many supporters only go to home games, therefore they watched only garbage this season. If Celtic play like this they will not win 8 in a row. Nothing to do with Stevie G or any other clown taking over at Ibrox but because the rest of them realise that team is dead. The Invincibles are dead. It needs to be rebuilt. To go with this structure again is suicide. Like leaving Big Billy to defend the centenary double without strengthening at all. Lustig, Boyata, Armstrong and Sinclair (you are finished at Celtic) need to be moved on. Putting Sinclair on in every game is Rodgers most glaring blind spot. Today I turned the game off when he appeared. It is the sign that Celtic have given up. He is predictable and the least talented defenders in Scotland love playing against him as it is so easy. Punt him asap. He is not a first team player, even Brendan has conceded this, but as a sub you may as well take a man off and not replace him. Plus Celtic are boring. That is an offence at Celtic Park. There is no greater crime than being boring. But failing to win and now getting beat as well as being boring will see revolt in the stands pretty early next season if it is not addressed. Keep persevering with this team and we will be out of Europe before September and will lose the league. It is time Celtic supporters wake up before the 10 is gone. We are there for the taking and have been a poor side for the majority of the season. Is it true that only Hamilton and Ross County failed to take points off of us. That is not the mark of decent Champions. Well done Celtic, but this is the best of the bad bunch award not one with any glory.

  4. Took the foot aff the pedal, long before farts walked through the Hoops midfield (and defence FFS) But still won a cup and then the league and heading for a double treble (I hope) But I won’t cry if Celtic don’t. Celtic born and bred. But still winning. Ohh and yes, I gave up my season ticket two years ago. So I could enjoy my holidays without going on one to see them lose.


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