Celtic could be on the brink of being knocked back from the Lowland league along with their Glasgow rivals.

According to reports, although the Lowland League accepted both clubs into the league for another season – this could now be ripped up after a dispute over the inclusion of a Hearts colt side.

The lowland league have rejected Hearts application to join the Glasgow duo, and in a bizarre move Edinburgh News claim Celtic, Hearts and The Rangers have gotten together and it’s all three or nothing next season in Scotland’s fifth tier.

The same report now claims the league could vote on Monday to rescind both club’s offer and pass up on the money due to them.

The Lowland League would be looking at a payment of around £120k if they also allowed Hearts in to the party but there doesn’t appear to be an appetite for it.

Celtic did very well in the Lowland League last season with young players getting valuable, competitive experience. If the Lowland League decide it’s not worth their hassle, Celtic have a big problem.

We have to stress this is a report. We just can’t see the logic behind Celtic jeopardising their own youth system in a bid to help out the Edinburgh club.


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