CELTIC FANS and some ex-players have been tweeting their outrage after the Daily Record’s insensitive headline attached to a story about the late Liam Miller.

The paper thought it was appropriate to run a story with this headline this morning after the tragic death of former Celtic player Liam Miller and for some, they’ve just had enough.

Celtic fans have urged their fellow supporters to send a message to the paper by blocking their feeds on social media.

The Record have since taken the story down and apologised after the backlash.

We would never try and influence anyone’s reading habits, but make up your own mind on this latest debacle.


  1. Stopped reading the daily Rancid years ago.
    When will the rest of the Celtic support wise up to this scumbag of a so called daily rag ?

  2. Scotlands football,from the SFA, through officialdom and media, essentially run by Huns, the good people in there are scared of the hun

  3. Don’t really understand the fuss here. The Daily Radar is what it is, we all know their demographic, thus any Celtic fan that buys their rag or subscribes to its comments shouldn’t complain about its content.
    I had great pleasure at the match today staring down their puppet Austin Barrett who thinks he’s a Tim but knows deep down he’s a Sevco subscribing Zombie who can’t look at himself in the mirror.

  4. The Daily Rancid,How disgusting to see the Headline regarding Liam.Its been common knowledge for many a year that this Paper has a Penchant for Anything Hunbelievable.From The SFA through Media Outlets etc.The Goat Pimps and the Pledge of 1912.Any other Club fields unelegible Players(Problem)!…The Most Blatant Corrupt Club Ever,To Brass its Copper Neck in Scottish Football Fields untold numbers of Unelegible Players Year after Year,(NoProblem)Thats Just Facts…But We Seemingly Are All Paranoid.Through These Cheating Lowlifes Our So Called Game is Nothing But A JOKE!!!!!!HfH Glasgow Is And Forever Shall Be GREEN n WHITE

  5. The Brethren get themselves in positions of Power,And Blatantly run the Show as They see Fit.Just look at what happened with the Only Club Ever to be Liquidated and just Carry on like Nothing Happened,Run by the Moronic For the Moronic.They Need Outed.


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