Sky Sports pundit and former Rangers striker Kris Boyd has hit out a the SPFL over the completion of last season Scottish Cup, questioning why it is still going ahead without fans, when that was the whole point of postponing the competition.

Writing in his column for the Sun, Boyd sees no point in completing last season’s trophy and also believes by Celtic not playing any league games this weekend, leaving themselves with catchup to do on rangers was a good thing for our Glasgow Rivals.

“I was under the impression the competition was only going ahead to provide the SFA with some much-needed revenue from fans.

“When they made the decision in the summer it was on the understanding supporters would be back inside stadiums.

“So with supporters still shut out why are we bothering? Still, it could work to Rangers’ advantage.”

When the competition was postponed and it was announced that it would be completed in November, the idea of that was to try and have fans back within stadiums by that point.

Unfortunately, though, that has not been the case. The question that should be asked about this claim is if it was Rangers do we believe Boyd would be saying the same thing?

Of course not. Having the first chance to lift major silverware in years. Boyd would be all for it being on, I’m sure.

A national cup, the semi-final is a huge occasion. We may not be used to playing it in November and without spectators, but it will still be a big game for all sides involved, with the chance to lift this trophy once again. I would say every club in Scotland would love to be involved in these fixtures, this weekend.


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