THE SFA has published a breakdown of fees paid by clubs to agents from February 2018 until January 2019 and unsurprisingly, Celtic have paid out the most in this regard.

During the aforementioned period, Celtic have paid £1.7m+ on agent fees – more than the rest of the clubs have paid out combined.

Celtic are top while the Ibrox club comes in second at £915k with Hibs in thirs with £107k work of fees paid.


It’s almost forgot about by fans but the amount of money paid out doesn’t just stop at transfer fees and wages – there are many third parties that need to be appeased for deals to go through.

Celtic are far and above the biggest spenders in the league, when you consider the amount they shelled out for Edouard in the summer – a large chunk of that £1.7m may have gone on that deal alone.

The club spent £1.2m in the previous year so a jump of 500k to club intermediaries has been paid out. It will be interesting to see if this dips now Brendan Rodgers is not the Celtic manager.

The Ibrox club’s fees trebled over this year with club intermediaries paid last year sitting at £300k and has now jumped to £900k


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