BRENDAN RODGERS has shrugged off comments from dodgy Dave after he was asked about the Ibrox Chairman’s comments on Celtic yesterday.

The Irishman was characteristically unfazed by the comments and reiterated his only real focus is Celtic and maybe others should focus on their own matters.

“We always respect every team but I am not one to be looking over the fence at anyone else.

“I don’t think of it too seriously, either way to be honest. My focus is on Celtic, this is a huge job here.

“You always have to be aware of your competitors, you can’t be naive enough to not understand and have a little think of what the others are doing, but it is not something that is at the forefront of my mind. My focus is very much on our club.”

The Celtic manager has three more games to negotiate before the end of the season. With two SPFL games left and a cup final, there’s not much else to think about.

It must be torture when there’s nothing to play for at this stage in the season for some.



  1. Who cares what King thinks ? As usual, journalists ask a question totally unrelated to us looking to stir up a response, let them say whatever they want, we deal with our own affairs. End of story .

  2. The arseholes are just trying to make it a Celtic v Sevco 5088 Thing.That way it makes them seem like one part of the So called Old Firm.They are not even remotely relevant.They are finished,Stevie Wonder wont do anything of Note.They certainly wont win the Premier.Dave The Lying King is just trying to get a reaction from My Wonderful Club.We have more Class than lowering Ourselves to this DeLooDeid Fools fantasies.This is there final throw of the Dice.The man is an embarrassment to Scotland.Just like his Tribute Act over at £Broke.We are on the Road to a Double Treble.Making a Great History The Unbroken Way.He (King)cannot do an interview without mentioning Celtic.Seriously the Lot of them have an unhealthy Illness.Constantly Obsessing Over Paradise and Everything Inbetween.There Delusions are a Deflection from Reality.The Reality is,Gheyre fcked. HH

  3. Aaah The Head of the DeLooDeid….To be honest,This Mans Obsession with Celtic is alarming.Its an illness.It killed Rangers 1,Looks like Sevco are on the very same Road,We dont care what the Animals say,HH..As long as there pain is Quadrupled everytime we hammer them,i for One am totally happy with that..This time next year,I,d be surprised if they still exist.


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