CRAIG LEVEIN has told the media that he would appeal any action taken against his player Steven Naismith after he stamped on Scott Brown and could have broken James Forrest’s leg.

The hurting Hearts boss who has had a calamitous season in charge of the Tynecastle club is looking to lash out at anyone for his shortcomings – hoping he can deflect from his own failing.

The sheer absurdity of defending the cowardly challenges after the fact is quite embarrassing.

Levein has continually shot his mouth this season at opposition managers to the detriment of his team who have toiled.

They have been embarrassed by their Edinburgh rivals and their only claim to fame is beating Celtic once this term.



  1. Craig Levein is a sad excuse for a man.Its obvious he told his players to have a Go at our players.And i mean that in every sense of the word.He should also be held accountable for his opinions on the matters at hand.This nonsense needs to be nipped in the Bud.Our players could end up with career ending injuries.Facing these animals.Broony is a mans man.And over his career he has made some tasty tackles,But he was punished for them.Lafferty and Naesmith got Free Reign to do as they pleased.Madden shouldnt be a referee.He should go bk to his Flute Duties.He did ok in games before this one,But this game showed him for what he truly is,He is part of the problem in our Game.When will it end,When Broony or another of our players is seriously seriously Injured.HfH..Leveins a Sausage

  2. Levein is a bitter parasite hope his next shite is a hedgehog. The man lacks any class he must be awake all night dreaming about scott brown !!

  3. Levein needs to swop his track suit for a strait jacket if he thinks Naismith’s tackle was fair. He is becoming more absurd in his utterings and needs to find a less stressful job.

  4. A good manager though. But he should grow his Beard longer. To hide his brass neck. Hey its begining to glow as much as an xbrox. Chairwoman’s

    • ‘A good manager though’, on what evidence to you base that statement? The funniest thing on TV is him trying talk football and sound intelligent at the same time, neither are within his capabilities.

  5. The man(?) LEVEIN, is one of Scotland scum and shame!. What a fud of a man!. Knows nothing about football, as was seen when he tried to win a game without a centre forward, and fryer to convince other people it was the way too play!! What a idiot!. Oh yes the grass a the wee brothers place was cut before Celtic departed from scum bags ville! Hail Hail.


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