BRENDAN RODGERS has not pulled any punches talking about Dedryk Boyata on the eve of Celtic’s crunch tie against Athens.

The Belgian was left behind after antics from his agent made the player’s position untenable.

When asked why Boyata did not travel, the Irishman was quick to reply he only wants player’s in the team who are committed to the cause and that he can trust on the night.


  1. There is 2 defenders that would put Boyata to shame who are without a club at present, Robert Huth and John Terry, granted I don’t personally like Terry but he’s been there and done it and his sort of influence is what we need right now, same with Huth, he’s got bags of experience and at times has been a great defender.

  2. Having Robert Huth cannot be worse off than having Compper who is nothing more than a broken down crock who seems to have no intentionof ever play a game for Celtic. Instead he will draw his money for doing bugger all. HH


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