Brendan Rodgers has broken his silence on the transfer this week which seen his club Leicester help bolster the Ibrox squad for the coming season.

Leicester outcast Andy King signed for Steven Gerrard’s men this week in a move which raised a few eyebrows considering who the manager of Leicester is.

The double treble winning former Celtic manager is at the helm at the King Power which led many to believe he had a hand in the transfer. Not according to the man himself who had washed his hands of Andy some time ago, so much so he didn’t even know he was gone.

“I wasn’t aware of it until he was having his medical.” Rodgers told SunSport.

“It was just something that happened very quickly.

“I came in on Wednesday morning and we were making our final preparations for training and I was told he was up in Glasgow having his medical.

“It’s something where the club have afforded him that respect to choose where it is he wants to go.

“Of course, I had no say in it really. He’s a senior player here, he’s needing to go out and get games and play so he’s taken that opportunity to go there.”

Rodgers is free to do what he wants with any of his players but it was a surprise during the week. It appears the ex-Celtic manager has left the club to deal with the player.

Not that it’s a big deal in the grand scheme of things. This is a guy who was offered out to our rivals and they signed him straight away without a second thought. While we want Celtic to be more proactive in the transfer market, we shouldn’t be jumping on transfers just because an agent chaps the door.


  1. Look why care what Brendan Rodgers does would you ever get the real truth NO, football managers and players nowadays want big pay days you me every one would do the very same and go get the highest paid job football is all about money and not for the love of the club or its colors or badge money is first and foremost,the future is about our own young players and paying them a good wage and signing them up on long contracts so we can enjoy them playing week in week out and enjoying them for many years just like we did with KT but in the end if some other club come in with a huge wage they will take it and the club can not and will not stop any player or manager from moving on to advance there career and to make more money…..


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