BRENDAN RODGERS has been a revelation since coming to Scotland. He has galvanised the whole club from top to bottom.

Not to miss the bigger picture though, the Irishman quickly pointed out after Celtic had made their European credentials official that Glasgow and the wider Scottish community was also a massive winner.

“I think it’s absolutely brilliant for the city of Glasgow because it’s not just about the football, it’s about the nation” said the Celtic Gaffer.

“What it does economically, commercially, what it brings to the city of Glasgow, Champions League football, business and everything.”

The Celtic manager oozes class whenever he speaks, and yet another reminder his affinity for the country since joining and his excitement at being able to put the football spotlight firmly on Glasgow.

While the moaners moan, and the haters hate, Celtic, under Rodgers will continue to do the best for themselves and in the process make Scottish Football better.


  1. Before him we had a manager that couldn’t really man manage but had a eye for young talent but that’s where we part he couldn’t make that young and experienced gel as a team but looks like rogers has the magic to do that so in Brendan we trust Hail Hail ?????

  2. He has Celtic playing the best football I’ve seen since oneill different type of playing but every player seems to be buying in to what he is telling them .. and hes getting the best out of them .. and we have 4 more years of him and we have amazing young talent at the club everything is positive and it’s great to see.. Celtic are in the best shape I can remember . Its great being a tim ???

  3. Best football I’ve seen since 1988 when I started supporting the team. I’m excited for every match since Rodgers arrived, domestically or in Europe. No matter how far we go in this years European competitions, he makes the team better and better with each month passed. Sooner or later Brendan is going to achieve something in Europe that those post Stein era have never seen. Everything is going extremely well at Celtic. Every other club have their ambitions or not, have to say what they nees to say to satisfy their club or fans, it’s irrelevant. Brendan Rodgers is second to none in Scotland and is definitely top 3 in the UK as a coach. We’ve had our share of suffering, now it’s our time to enjoy our club and our team week in, week out and all achieved without theft and back ally dealings. Hail Hail what a time to be a Celtic fan. ???


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