BRENDAN RODGERS has given Celtic fans a better insight into how Celtic go about bringing players in and our Chief Executive’s role in that process.

Lawwell is very involved when it comes to bringing new players into the club. The Irishman and his team look out for players and give their recommendations to Lawwell but then it’s all down to the chief to contact the club, player and their agents to try and work out a deal.

Rodgers plays little role in negotiations and leaves that to Peter while he gets on with the football side of things. The Celtic manager concedes there are more people at the club who are better equipped at doing the financial side of the deals than him, so he takes a step back.

There have been instances where players have been identified and Lawwell has tried to bring them in but goal posts have changed and the deal falls through which is obviously disappointing but Rodgers seems to understand the game.

“I don’t know money. I’ve got a little bit, but I don’t know that much about it. There are greater experts than me here on that.” he told RecordSport

“You find the player and, whether fair or not, I’m not saying it goes to Peter and he doesn’t do it.

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“That’s not the case because sometimes it changes from an agent’s perspective or a club’s perspective.

“You’ve maybe agreed on something initially and then it changes. It’s a difficult, complex dynamic.

“It’s about trying to find players you can bring in. That’s always the challenge.”


  1. Just as it should be,So if everyone is happy with each other then lets go for 10 in a row and it starts tonight be one be BOSS send the message out loud and clear, BRING IT ON lets play football do it Celtic…


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