When news broke that Simunovic and Toure weren’t making the trip to Germany we were confident Celtic could turn their defensive injuries into a positive with the inclusion of Eoghan O’Connell.

Brendan Rodgers owes some of his early season success in part to O’Connell’s ability to step up in the face of an injury crisis. The 21-year-old put in som top performances that belied his age and experience.

That’s why we thought it was a no brainer that the Irishman would come in and slot directly into centre back. Of course, we all know what happened next. Lustig was nudged to centre back and Gamboa took his place at right back.

You may feel that it’s wrong to complain about the managers choice seeing as we got a credible point and a good performance from the bhoys. However, Rodgers reluctance to even name the Irish defender on the bench last night even though he had travelled with the squad seems telling.

Boyata got the nod as Celtic’s only cover for centre back against BMG. Given the former Man City defender had no real game time since injury, the argument that Rodgers didn’t want to use O’Connell for similar reasons cannot be made. Unless the Irishman picked up a knock that has not came to light yet then I don’t understand his exclusion.

Is it a case of the manager doesn’t trust the youngster and only used him during an extreme injury crises?

Some fans may also point out that the youngster has plenty of time to get into the first team, I’d disagree with that point. At the age of twenty-one, you want to be getting as much first team exposure as you can in order to develop and fulfil your potential.

With so many games coming up in the next two months we will find out if Rodgers has any plans for Eoghan at all. If he doesn’t play a game between now and January then a loan move for the defender seems like a no brainer, or if the manager doesn’t see his future at Celtic then a permanent move may be reached.

Do you think O’Connell should have made the bench?

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  1. Without a doubt this boy should be playing for us already this season.Brendan does not have all the answers when it comes to our defence,so this lad should be given a fair crack.HH

  2. Leave off Brendan,the lads time will come,Brendan will have his own reasons,he has none little wrong so far..
    In Brendan we trust.
    Hail Hail

  3. I liked the look of him when he was getting a game and hope the bhoy stays strong in the face of virtually disappearing from the first 11 since the opening weeks of the season.

  4. What was the inspiration behind this article the day after a performance which reflected so much that is good in Brendan`s reign so far?

    • Fighting the corner of a lad we think should have at least made the bench. See our match report and social media feeds where we have been nothing but positive. It’s okay to ask questions sometimes, it really is.

  5. O’Connell hardly put a foot wrong in pre season and qualifiers .. he should’ve started next to Sviatchenko and left Lustig at right back .. coz that Christian Gamboa absolutely useless!
    Everybody goes on about his “lightening fast pace!” .. what’s the point in that if he can’t defend or do anything constructive with the ball when he gets it!
    In desperate times with all the defensive injuries .. I feel Eoghan O’Connell should’ve got the nod last night.

  6. This type of reporting is more in keeping with the Daily Ranger what in the name of God has it to do with last nights result wise up.

  7. ” It’s okay to ask questions sometimes, it really is.”
    Of course it is but I was questioning the timing of yours.
    Eoghan O`Connell seems to be a decent player. If he is, Brendan Rogers will give him his chance.

  8. O’Connell impressed me in the qualifiers so I think he at least deserved to be on the bench last night, but there is a big step up in pressure from qualifiers and League Cup games to the full on Champions League so I understand why Brendan was reluctant to give him a start over the more experienced Lustig and Gamboa.

  9. He’s a good bhoy but why complain about it he’s a defender are you saying that a proven international player should be left out ? Get a life

    • No, we’re saying we’re confused as to why he wasn’t even preferred ahead of Boyata on the bench. Or at a push Lustig stays right back and he slots in net to Erik. Valid enough point so we’ll refrain from getting a life just yet.

  10. Would not have been fair on the boy to take so much responsibility in such a high provile game in my opion, He is developing fine , Critical positon that requires experience at this level. IMO

  11. It’s surprising he’s not some more game time after the fine start to the season he had, really solid, done most things assuredly and played the ball out well from the back.
    But perhaps it’s that Simunovic will be away in January, as I’ve seen that Newcastle are now also interested in him. Perhaps it’s a plan of Mr Rodgers.
    However O’Connell needs to develop further and needs to play, (he has been far better than Boyatta)so a loan deal come January if all others are still at club.
    On Gomboa certainly has pace, but it’s a bit early to be knocking him only played and started a couple of games, give the lad a chance first.

  12. There is only one man who can fill us in on the O’Connell situation, thats Brendan Rogers himself.
    I would have to admit I was disappointed he did not get more game time. Maybe he has some injury we don’t know about!!

  13. Given all the talk on here I personally feel that Brendan has done a fantastic job since he took charge.
    There are two things that irk me a little,1.Patrick Roberts has more skill in his wee toe than James Forrest has in his whole body,yet Forrest gets the nod every week and is then replaced by…..Patrick Roberts.
    2. If we do not have a right back better than Gomboa then we have a bigger defencive problem than we thought.


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