BRENDAN RODGERS has spoken passionately about what he wants for Celtic as a club and for the supporters after being asked about his future.

The Irishman has to field these questions a lot and with a double treble on the horizon many pundits including former Celtic striker Chris Sutton feel there will not be much else for Rodgers to do at Celtic beyond that.

Tell that to our manager though!

“Being a fan, and knowing how they support this club and how great the supporters are here, I wanted to try and give them as many highs as I possibly could. That hasn’t changed.”

There’s still a lot of work for me to do and achieve, on and off the pitch, but you can only do that if you’re happy, and I couldn’t be happier at this club and the support I get from the board.”

We have spoken on this site a number of times about the potential of Rodgers departure but the manager does seem locked into at least have a pop at ten in a row – after that, Rodgers admits himself that there will come a time where he and the club separate.