BRENDAN RODGERS has given Celtic fans a better insight into Kieran Tierney’s current injury woes. The defender has been out since mid-December with no timetable set for his return at present.

The Celtic manager has revealed the player is in ‘real pain’ and he alludes to even having to take him off the training pitch because he was still trying to give 100% while he was hurting.

Kieran is one of Celtic’s best players and certainly their best defender and when he misses game time it’s a real blow to the team. Rodgers knows how much pain the left back is currently in because if there was even a slight chance he could play and train he’d be up and at it.

“He’s a wonderful talent and a great kid to work with. You know when he is in pain and he really is in pain. He’s a real throwback.” Rodgers told RecordSport.

“You could see in training he was pushing and giving everything but he wasn’t quite right.

“One of his great strengths is his physicality and his power and running ability and when that’s affected it takes away a big part of his game. But we hope he is back soon.

“He’s been on such a run for the last few years, bless him. He loves training and he loves playing games.

“Football really is his life and for him not to be out there playing is tough. But he’s focused on getting back and into the best condition he can be.”

Celtic will be without Kieran until AT LEAST February and even then it’s not a given he can come straight back into the side. For Celtic, it’s all about making sure Kieran can have longevity and if it means missing a portion of this season to get him fighting fit, then the sacrafice must be made.


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