Former Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers is reportedly set to try his luck once again, by making an offer for Hoops midfielder Callum McGregor.

As reported by Sun Sport, it is well known that Rodgers is a big fan of the 27-year old midfielder, making several offers in the past but it looks like he will come in to try and lure McGregor away again in the summer.

McGregor is coming up to the age that he will be beginning to hit his peak age as a player, so he may have a huge decision on his hands if an offer was to come in and be accepted by the club.

There are many reasons why I do not see this deal happening though.

This summer is going to be a transitional period for the club with a massive rebuild on the way, both behind the scenes and on the park.

We will already be letting a lot of players go as we prepare for new beginnings, McGregor simply cannot be one of them.

He is also seen as a possible candidate to become the next Celtic captain with Scott Brown departing in the summer and will now become one of the most senior players in the squad at his age and experience.

There is no doubt that there will be lots of changes in and around all areas of the club this season. However, under no circumstances should McGregor be one of those changes.


  1. He’ll never leave.
    Loves his wee comfort zone playing his wee safe sideways and backwards passes which keep possession but lead nowhere.
    Scoring record is pretty average and no wonder he never misses a game-, he can’t tackle so is never injured or suspended!


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