BRENDAN RODGERS has taken a direct shot at the board over their mishandling of transfers after watching his side capitulate in Greece.

Rodgers has vented over the last seven days but he reiterated again that recruitment or lack thereof has cost them dearly.

“Over the course of two games it’s disappointing to concede such soft goals. It’s as simple as that.

“I don’t want to make excuses, but I’ve always said we needed to strengthen, no matter how good we’ve been over the last couple of years.”

The John McGinn saga was the tipping point for the boss to let the fans know he wasn’t happy.

However, it would have taken more than John McGinn tonight to ensure a victory.

Celtic needed their best players fit and available which they weren’t and they needed brave defenders but lost two very soft goals.

It’s the Europa League play-off for Celtic now who will have to pick themselves up in the hope of going on a run in the competition.


  1. Self inflicted tonight from Celtic, Lustig & the central defenders all culpable, similar goal last week in the first leg, Lustig doesn’t stop the cross coming in and our defenders are awe struck, sound familiar? How many more times are these guys going to be allowed to ship Sunday league goals that cost us dearly, At the other end we get a golden opportunity and Griffiths misses the target with the goal gaping, AEK were no great shakes over the two legs, Craig Gordon fk all to do tonight yet we lose two goals! Defensively we are abysmal, why the first is this not being addressed?

  2. Rodgers has to shoulder much of the blame for this. Why wasn’t a centre half his main priority?
    Dudryck I made it clear he wanted out, bozo has been a liability for a year, and hendry is nowhere close to being ready (if he ever will be).
    Who do we play at CH on Saturday? KT and ajer? I wouldn’t let bozo and hendry anywhere near the pitch.
    Lustig is quite blatantly finished.
    The board have clearly let everyone down with the players we know they went for, but why is there no talk of anyone other than Mcginn? I haven’t heard anything about trying to sign defenders?
    Why can’t players stay for? What are they doing in training?

  3. One win in five, one clean sheet in six. At what stage do we start to get worried?
    8 in a row will be out the window if a right back and two centre halves aren’t signed this week.
    Brendan will be gone shortly after it.

  4. Rodgers is blaming everyone but himself. Celtic’s current budget is still 4 times the size of AEK’s so how can he blame the board for not spending money? Oh did he want 6 times the size of AEK’s budget like he has against all the SPL clubs? Ryan Christie’s stats from last season were also better than John McGinn’s. Moreover, Rodgers sacked John Park, who scouted Wanyama and Van Dijk, and was our only decent scout. Rodgers bringing up all the money issues was absolutely pathetic – maybe his signing of Marvin Compper was the major problem. Bringing up the money issue was also an insult to the players who were there, because those players were more than good enough to beat AEK without their manager being a total narcissist and a diva, creating a big stinking atmosphere in the dressing room. Rodgers has major blind spots, Lustig, Gordon and Brown are all finished and need replaced – Lustig was responsible for the first one in any event, Craig Gordon has the worst save percentage of any goalkeeper in the champions league, makes every goal look like he had “no chance” and cannot catch any floated cross balls because he is too scared and too weak (I have also heard that he used to sing the Billy Boys song which makes this feel much worse), Brown is not sharp enough in the tackle, does not drive forward with the ball and pointlessly passes about the back when there is no one within 10 yards of him to artificially increase his passing stats. I also thought Ntcham was ignorant, that shot at the end was pathetic. Dembele gave some character and leadership when he came on, but that was badly lacking without him. At Liverpool, the fans turned on Rodgers after a great start because Rodgers then became a total narcissist. Rodgers has it all to prove, with Rangers being stronger it is better to be in the Europa League, who really cares about doing well in Europe, for the next 2 seasons it is all about winning the league in Scotland

  5. Celtic fc is a well established world supported team with an ambition but are continuously let down by the weakest team involved in the running of the club the board absolutely pathetic always wanting to save pennies, Brendan Rodgers will leave and who blames him because he has been short changed just like the other managers at Celtic before nothing ever changes its the same old story always going to talk about the what ifs the key to success is to invest one word for the board wise up as you have failed again I hope that someone in the board can put their hands up and take the responsibility for this disaster again as youse always hide in the background when it goes wrong well the short fall lies with youse so move on to some other business adventure because we want a board who has pride and thinks the Celtic way.

  6. Lustig made a scapegoat while others, Simunovic particularly, keeps his place despite repeated blunders. He should never play for Celtic again. One review gave McGregor highest ranking for tonight. Must have been watching a different game. He was a guilty bystander at the first goal. He’s always facing the wrong way whether attacking or elsewhere on the pitch. Ntcham was also a passenger tonight. If there are bids for him then we should cash him in and sign an alternative. We should forget Europe and focus all our energies on 8 in a Row. The Blue Brigade are amassing their forces against us. They have allies all over. We need to act now to reverse the recent surge. Hail Hail

  7. How delighted the BBC are this morning. They are actually reporting Celtics defeat last night!. Any other time when we win there is never any mention of it. But fear not, we will win the league again and make it by ten in a row.!. As for Celtic supporters calling for Brendans head? What a shower! Get a life and get behind him ! Most of these people will very seldom step inside Paradise ,and get they think they are entitled to shout thier mouths off!! We are going to through a wee sticky patch, nothing more, so get behind the Bhoys instead of decrying them!. And the other clubs are only sick because they will not now get 350 thousand pounds put in Thier coffers , now we are out of the Champions league. Yes they will miss that , so come on the true Celtic bhoys ,get behind the team NOW!! Hail Hail. Do not be like sevco supporters!!

  8. Stop the panic and blame and look at the facts! This tie was lost by 2 schoolboy mistakes from Lustig: legs gone. If they don’t happen we’re through. For more than a season we’ve desperately needed a RB and a no-nonsense organising CH to stop the pub team defending. This is now ASAP! The rest is plan for 2019/2020 or forget 10iar. If we have a defensive coach send him off with Boyatta!


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