BRENDAN RODGERS has given us a great insight into what he looks for in a player and that talent is just one of many things he is looking for.

The Irishman believes it’s absolutely ‘critical’ for the players he signs to have the correct attitude and buy into the club and his philosophy.

“I tend to try to have a group that has a good synergy.

“That’s part of your recruitment. Getting the right types. The right profile. That’s equal to ability.

“The talent is no good if it doesn’t work. So it’s critical. I’ve got experience in that now where if it’s not right I will know it.

Although he doesn’t name anybody specifically when it comes to ability meeting synergy, you can imagine he has one specific player in mind and where perhaps he has learned that lesson.

Liverpool famously brought the troublesome Mario Balotelli to Liverpool, where many raised eyebrows after the eccentric players exploits in a Man City jersey.

However, at the time, the decision maker at Anfield felt Rodgers could be the one to get the best out of the Italian. Of course, this didn’t happen and Mario’s time at Liverpool could not be deemed a success.

It’s great to see the lessons the Celtic manager carries with him to Celtic Park and people forget he is still a young manager with more to learn in the game.

The Celtic Boss will be quick to tell you he will still be learning lessons on a regular basis in the Celtic hot seat.



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