The presenter of the Florida Cup Fabio Brazza has spoken of his sadness and betrayal after he unwittingly let The Rangers fans hijack a family friendly event with sectarian singing.

The presenter, who wanted all the fans to teach him chants for the Florida Cup’s social feed has apologised for allowing these idiots the platform.

 “I had no idea of the content of the chant. I ask them to teach me a chant, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“I feel very sad and betrayed that it happened, and that my image, and Florida Cup’s image is in it.

“The purpose of the tournament is totally the opposite of the chanting. Our goal is to promote a great experience for all family and bring people from different culture’s together.

“On my behalf and in Florida Cup’s name I am really sorry to what happened.”

Of course the blame should not be at this mans door but at the people who feel it’s okay in this day and age to sing about being ‘up to their knees’ in anyone’s blood.


  1. Somehow i get the feeling Celtic will get the blame of this,For simply being if the Catholic persuasion.This Rancid Club are a Big Bawgin stain on our So called Country.But the msm here will come out with some utter nonsense.Traynor will be getting the paragraohs sorted Now.I blame each and every Club that allowed this Circus to Continue.The sooner Sevco go doon the swannie,The Better it will be for Scottish Footballs Sake.This joke of a Club shouldve been put well n truly in its place when it Was Formed back in 2012.Same Club?????Same Bigotted Vile Halfwits that Followed Rangers (iL) Are the Same Bigotted Halfwits that follow Sevco 5088….They shouldnt Ever be referred to as RainJurZz,They No Longer Exist…Facts are Facts.The Truth is the Truth.They Always Show there Worth and Never Fail Too…Disgraceful !!!!!!

    • Followed Celtic for over 60 yrs never saw Celtic as catholic persuasion,some of our greatest players were non catholic,I am very proud of the fact ,if the player wants to play for us & is good enough then that’s what matters.HAIL HAIL.

  2. That’s why rangers /sevco are rarely invited for testimonials in England , because their fans are knuckle dragging halfwits, he should have checked the sevcos resume before inviting the scum

  3. Excellent advert for the club. It must be humiliating when people automatically associate Sevco as pure scum after only one game.

  4. The Embarrassing Humiliation That Is Sevco 5088.No matter were they show up to whatever Event/Competition.They bring nothing but Shame to the Game.Kids going to see a game of football with there Mums and Dads and listening to This Vile Brigade chanting there Hatred for Religions sake.They sing about 1690 Up to there knees in Our Blood etc.Why Havent They Been Banned???Just a Simple Question.They should be Banned,Simple!!!


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